Home, where the heart is...

03 Nov

Its not the area, its neither the locality nor its the expense but what makes a structure of bricks and concrete a home is the people & the required objects and things present in the home. No wonder why home is sometimes titled as ‘heaven’.

Its also true that the human desires have no end, they are infinite. But we don’t really need to have lavish products and objects in our homes to be happy. Of course, desiring a good lifestyle is everybody’s wish and it should be. Growing up is considered as one of the best activities we do in our lifetime as we learn new things, play, fight,fall and rise, enjoy and above all we make memories. Moreover, bringing up a child is also the best part of parenthood.

Everything what we are doing at the moment is our present and after few minutes, days, months and years they will become our memories, the memories which will last forever. There is one thing or the other in our homes which is of no use but still we don’t wish to throw it away just because we have memories attached to that thing be it the first drawing which we made or our favourite childhood toy which is now broken, it can be anything with which our memories are connected.

We may stay at the 5 star hotels but the sound sleep is always at our home’s bed and mattress. The mirror in the bathroom always shows us the honest us. There’s more fun in watching a football match on T.V. in our living area sitting, jumping and bumping on our couch with friends. Chilling at bars can be fun but sitting relaxed on recliner at home and listening to our favourite songs is more peaceful.

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Remeber, If you create virtuous and excellent memories with your home then even if you leave your home, the memories can’t be lost from your heart. So, make some memories.

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