11 Nov

Since the inception of computers, one of the biggest means of entertainment has always been video games. Everyone loves one or the other type of video game, specially young kids, for them video games are like hobby. Today, the set up of the video games is quite complex but at the same time it is more realist and more fun. 

The journey of the video game is quite interseting in its own. The millenials consider themselves to be the luckiest as they always feel that the video games of 90s were the the best. Games like Contra, Mario, Street Fighter were real classics and the interesting thing is that they are played even today with more advanced graphics.

Computer games have always been a vital part of child’s life. Gradually with the developments in technology, the video games also developed a lot. By the time 21st century started, the fourth generation of the video games as they call them ‘computer games’ had started. The initial computer games were quite basic but they were really fun to play. Computer games actually revoltionised the whole video gaming industry.

In the second half of the 1st decade of 21st century, many organisations started to organise video game competetions at big levels. It was at this time when many youngsters started opting for computer games as their career option. Gradually then new joysticks also introduced to make video games more interesting and fun. 

With the coming of VR games everything changed and the dimensions also increased. For a good game you’ll need a good joystick that supports the game. Many leading brands provide many different models of joysticks. Often these joysticks cost a lot but with Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals you can grab some at a very affordable rate.

From token operated games to the VR games, the modern day video games have come a long way. The developments are still going on in making them more realistic and fun. We never know what can we expect in near future.

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