05 Nov

Back in 1970s and 80s the concept of global warming was quite unpopular among the masses. The idea of climate change thus was limited to a very small group of people. It was a period when the economies all over the world were boosting at very rapid speed, probably because of the fact that after the Geneva Convention and the establishment of the United Nations which gave the nations to resolve their conflicts through dialouges and discussions, which eventually resulted in changing the war zones from physical battlefields to the economic battles.

Now, the wars were not being fought between the militaries of the disputed nations, but proxy wars were still being fought by several nations and the nation which could protect its economy might win the war as well. The only problem was that it was an unending game. Also for strengthening their economy, most of the nations invested heavily in their industrial developments. 

As discussed above in the 70s and 80s, there was perception that most of the pollution which was caused by burning fuels of the vehicles is the main cause of the climate change. But later the studies showed that it was hardly the 9-10% of the total pollution which was actually causing the rise in the global temperature. Most of the greenhouse effect was coming from the industriries and manufacturinhg sectors and the thermal power plants. And the gradual decrease in the forest cover acted as a catalyst in it.

The clothing manufacturing was also a big contributer in this. Not only manufacturing but the dumping of waste cut outs of clothes into the ground or sometimes burning it which resulted in mixing of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Now when we know that for the comfort we get, we are putting environment at stake. So, it becomes dillema for us what to do and what not to? Whether to choose comfort or climate? 

Its a fact that in the 21st century we cannot live like medieval or ancient times. There are several organisations which are actually doing business with keeping environment as their concern as well. Its actually quite hard to identify those but through Patagonia Black Fridya 2019 Deals you can find products which are made by keeping environment in mind.

We must think of the future generation in mind when harm the environment because they are the ones who will be facing the wrath of the nature if we don’t consider the environment today.

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